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Mom so distracted she leaves child in car?

   What a day it was yesterday for one South Florida mom! She went to work at 9 a.m. at a pet hospital, most likely rushing to get there on time like most moms do, and left her 1 1/2 year old child strapped in the back seat on the steamy hot day.

    When dad came to take mom to lunch six hours later, he discovered his son in the family’s silver Toyota Tundra, restrained in his car seat in the back and called 911. But by then, the inside of the truck was broiling hot and the boy was lifeless.

      Unfortunately, this is not the first news story about this type of incident. How could the mom do that? Some will ask. Some will judge. Some will cry for the little boy. A friend of the woman told WSVN news that the woman is good mom who made a horrible mistake. (Here's a link to the video). 

     The authorities will decide whether to press charges.       

     And while we try to make sense of this sad incident, maybe it is the wake-up call for frazzled parents. I'm convinced incidents like this are happening because we have way too much on our minds. We're too distracted. We're thinking about a million things at once, listening to the radio, talking on our cell phones,Twiterring, transporting our children, worrying about work and finances and job security.... maybe even texting while we're driving. I can see how this mom could have been "forgotten" about her son in the back seat, at least for a few minutes.

     But you would think in six hours the woman would have thought about her little one and wondered how his day was going.  Or, was she again overwhelmed at work, distracted....?

     This problem is increasing.  ''On average, one child dies every 10 days in this country [in such incidents],'' Janette Fennell, founder and president of Kids and Cars (www.kidsandcars.org) told The Miami Herald.

      Her organization is pushing for passage of a bill in Congress that would require all carseats be equipped with a ''rear seatbelt reminder'' to prevent children from being left unattended in a car.

      It's hard to believe moms would need such a reminder. But the truth is they do. More so each day. We have reminders on our phones and computers, clearly we need them in our cars, too! Distraction is an epidemic.

     Do you ever get so distracted while driving that you could leave your child in the back seat? Do you think this mom should be charged with a crime?