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Obsessed workers take their laptops to bed

        I think American workers are work obsessed. But here comes a survey out of the UK that shows workers there just might be more work obsessed or tech obsessed than we are here.

     A survey by CREDANT Technologies of 300 city workers in London uncovered a staggering number are taking their laptops to bed, much to their partners annoyance. 

     How bad is this obsession? The survey discovered that of those people who do work in bed, 57% do so for between 2 and 6 hours every week, little wonder that the survey also found that the majority of their bed companions found their partners' obsession with their mobiles "a very annoying habit". A staggering 8% of people admitted that they spend more time on their mobile devices during the evening than talking to their partners! (I bet that number is higher in the United States)

    Blame the wireless connection for damaging bedtime romance.  Most people are connected to the Internet, while in bed  via a wireless network (87%). However, CREDANT says some sense of romance still exists. When asked "What is the last thing you do before going to sleep" it is reassuring to learn that, for 96% of the people questioned, it is kiss their partners goodnight. The other 4%, (71% of which are male), confess to completing work and checking their emails. (Check out the cartoon below provided by Credent, data protection specialists)

     Confess, do you take your laptop to bed? I've put limits on myself...I only get as close as the nightstand.