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The Best Part of Mother's Day

I love Mother's Day and not just because I get attention from my family. For me, one of the most enjoyable parts of  Mother's Day is the fascinating stories that appear in newspapers and magazines pegged to the holiday.

Some of my favorites this year were Bridget Carey's article in The Miami Herald and MomsMiami.com: Tech Tools Helping Moms Stay Sane. It really made me think about how I can use technology more in my hectic life.

I also enjoyed Eileen Soler's piece in The Miami Herald on mom the role model, a pediatric nurse whose daughters became nurses, too: Nurse Inspires 4 Daughters to Follow in Her Footsteps.

If you missed it, I wrote an article on moms who are able to lift themselves up from poverty through financial education: Low-income Mothers Learn Financial Skills.

The Palm Beach Post did an excellent spread on moms who sacrifice for the next generation: This Mother's Day, Stories of Sacrifice.

From the Mother's Day surveys, here is one I found interesting:

One-Third of Working Moms Are Burned Out as They Struggle to Provide for Their Families in a Tough Economy, Finds CareerBuilder’s Annual Mother’s Day Survey

Quality time with family is the most important “to-do” on working moms’ lists this Mother’s Day. In fact, some working moms report struggling to find work/life balance as they take on additional hours and second jobs in tough financial times. Thirty percent of working moms, whose companies have had layoffs in the past 12 months, are working longer hours and 14 percent of working moms have taken on second jobs in the last year to help make ends meet.

From the blogs, these are a few that should get notice.

While you’re out perusing the Mother’s Day cards, consider this: The number of pregnancy discrimination charges received by the EEOC increased from 3,387 cases in 1992 to 5,587 cases in 2007 – a jump of 65 percent. According to figures released in March, the EEOC received a record 6,285 complaints of pregnancy discrimination in 2008 and officials say they expect pregnancy complaints to rise even more sharply this year.

Let’s Honor Mothers Every Day(Huffington Post)

Challenges facing women to balance work and family are exacerbated in a downturn, which calls for greater workplace flexibility. Simply put, the workplace should be as adaptable as working mothers have become. This is why I am working to pass the Working Families’ Flexibility Act — a bill I have sponsored with Sen. Edward Kennedy which would provide job protection for working parents who request flexible work schedules from their employers. Nearly 80 percent of workers say they would like to have more flexible work options and would use them if there were no negative consequences at work, according to the Families and Work Institute. However, close to 40 percent of workers surveyed believe they would be less likely to advance in their career is theyasked for flexibility..

Mother’s Day Gift? More Time…(Why Can’t We…You Tell Me:  Policies that Work for Americans Who Work)

This Mother’s Day our policy makers can give all mothers, especially working moms, a lasting gift - policies that make balancing work and family easier. More and more women are successfully balancing work and family - many because they have to, some because they want to.  In 1955 only 27 percent of mothers in the workforce had kids under the age of 18, today that number is over 70 percent.

If I missed an article you enjoyed, please share.