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Recession has women leaders struggling more with work/life balance

     At dinner, I talk with my kids about my day. I share my work joys and aggravations. Other working mothers do this, too. Much more than dads. Why is that?

    It seems women, even the most succcessful ones, bring their work lives home and their home lives to work. In a new survey released today by FIU and The Commonwealth South Florida finds the majority of CEOs of 116 women-led businesses in Florida said having a successful day at work puts them in a good mood to assist their family. Two-thirds of women leaders are postive about work becaue they feel good about themselves in their family roles. And, an overwhelming majority of women leaders said they talk about work problems and concerns with their family.

     Balance is becoming a big concern.

   During the economic downturn, women are working harder to keep their companies thriving without having to cut staff. Not surprising, women leaders said they are struggling more with work/life balance. In last year's survey, 61 percent felt satisfied with their work/life balance. This year, it dropped to only 56 percent.

   For my Miami Herald article today, I asked Joyce Landry of Landry & Kling, one of the largest women-led business in the state, what she thinks of the drop in satisfication with balance.

   Joyce said the topic of balance comes up consistently when women business leaders talk shop.

   "I don’t know if exacerat or always there and relctant to talk abourt it haven’t wanted it to seem an issue. Always high on priority list for owmen, do tend to work to exclusion  f other things. Have to step outside of themselves . continual struggle women have to work through in careers.

    Like me, Joyce talks about her work concerns at home, more so than her husband, she says. "Women have fewer boundaries when it comes to blending business and family lives. It all becomes one. Maybe it's part of multi-tasking...women don't compartamentalize. My husband is able to separate that better."

     Why do you think women are struggling more with work/life balance? Do you feel women bring their work problems home more than men?