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When and why do dads want to be thanked

My husband thinks I should thank him for doing things like putting a kid to bed or folding laundry. It makes me crazy because he would never consider thanking me for the same chores. But I've learned that saying thank you is a motivator for him, so I've stopped fighting his need to be thanked and I just do it.

This morning, I read the dad blog on WorkItMom.com. It caught my attention because Avi Spivack, in honor of the upcoming Father's Day, writes a cheat sheet for his wife about why and when he should be appreciated.

Here are a few things on his list of when he wants to be thanked:

 When I assemble a highly complicated piece of IKEA furniture
 When I wipe our child’s butt after a particularly gnarly bowel movement
 When I make the bed
 When I hang pictures level on the wall

Here is is list of how he wants to be thanked:

1. “Thank you, honey. Boy, you are strong.”
2. “Thank you, dear. Wow, you are so tall.”
3. “Thank you, sweetie, you are such a MAN.”
4. You get the idea…

To Avi, I say "thank you for providing this list. I hope you wife gives you a cheat sheet as well."

So let's hear it. What do you want to be thanked for and do you let your spouse know?