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Are you suffering from vacation stress?


   In our attempts to balance work and life, we're supposed to take a vacation. Preferably, a summer vacation. Indeed, it's not uncommon to ask a friend, "Are you going anywhere this summer?"

   But through a little reporting, I discovered American workers are scared to take a vacation this year.  About a third of workers aren't planning to take a vacation citing guilt, anxiety and tight finances, a CareerBuilder survey shows. In my Miami Herald column today, I wrote that many workers are postponing their vacations because of job concerns. 

    Christine Woll, a marketing director at a bank, told me she's the only one left in her department. She's worried that if she takes a vacation, something will happen and she'll be held responsible.

   Others who are taking them are staying in contact with the office. Is that a real vacation?

   I just got a Tweet from someone in Turks who can't get into his e-mail account for some reason. He's completely flipped out. Now you tell me, is this guy really accomplishing the purpose of a vacation?

    Beachillo Clearly, this summer the rules are different. The fear of losing a job or customer has made it nearly impossible for people to relax --- even on the beach. I bet you'll see all kinds of health issues cropping up by the fourth quarter of the year. Who would ever have imagined we'd live in the age where vacations have become so stressful?