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I Have Time: a fresh take on time management

       I just read an article in Success Magazine that can me a whole new take on time management.

      Author Mel Robbins writes: Your most important relationship as an entrepreneur isn’t with your investors, your partner, your customers or your spouse—it’s with time. Robbins says when she first launched her media company, so many things demanded her attention. "There were so many fires to put out. I felt like I was running in circles. I spent all day telling myself, “I don’t have time,” and I started to believe it."

     Oh, how I can relate! I think that feeling of being overwhelmed by a to-do list is something many of us experience.  

 Robbins says the first step to changing your relationship with time is to change how you think about time.

Step 1
Notice how much you actually speed up time by telling yourself (all day long), “I’m running out of time”; “I don’t have enough time”; “Hurry up”; “Time’s almost up”; “I can’t fit that in.” Those phrases start a chain reaction and send you spiraling into a frenzy as you try to jam it all in.

Step 2
Recognize that everything you’ve ever needed to get done, you have. When’s the last time you ever actually missed out on something because you ran out of time? Every term paper you waited until the last minute to write, you actually got done; you just pulled an all-nighter to do it. Every big presentation, pitch or bid got done—in exactly the amount of time you had.

I’ve come to realize that the amount of time each task takes is exactly the same as the amount of time I have to get it done in. You actually do have time when you need it—plenty of it. You are just  so busy rushing to keep up that you don’t think you do. 

Step 3
Accept that the problem isn’t time. The problem lies in your priorities and your habit of turning everything into an emergency. The answer isn’t more hours in a day; the answer is exerting power over your to-do list and focusing on what is actually important. Most of what’s on your plate can wait—an hour, a day, a week, a month or even a year.

The thing that can’t wait another minute is adjusting what you say to yourself about time and how you prioritize what’s important. Try this: There’s one thing on your plate that you feel pressure to get done. Start it right now. And as you work on it, repeat in your head your new mantra: I have time.

You’ll be amazed. You don’t have to rush through everything. You don’t have to do it all at once. You can pick the most important thing, and slow down. Because now you have what no other entrepreneur has—time.

       If you try these steps and succeed, please share your story.