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Is Long-Term Employment a thing of the past?

     Is long-term employment a thing of the past?

     I say yes. Do you?

     In a great video interview withDiversityInc.com Cal Jackson of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida says everyone should have an updated resume at all times and be ready for the next opportunity. Jackson says its not "cradle to grave" anymore for workers and that by the age of 30 most Gen Ys will have had more than 10 jobs. Even if you stay at a company, the owner may change a few times as those in banking have learned, he points out. (Click here to see the video)

     While people aren't as quick to jump ship in a recession, I think this downturn pretty much wiped out any sense of employee loyalty, dreams of flexibility and hope of long term employment. I can't tell you how many interviews I have done with workers who say, "I can't believe they laid me off. I had been there more than 10, 20, 30 years. Yes, long term employment may be a thing of the past. But as this recession has taught us, reinvention and entrepreneurialism are a thing of the future.