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Moms think dad makes parenting harder

        Single or Married, which mom has the better deal? Growing up, I was raised by a single mom who made strict rules and enforced them. No going barefoot. No staying up late on a school night. No outside activities on Sunday nights.

       Now that I'm raising my kids as a part of a couple, I see the pros and cons of single parenting. Pro: Dad can pick up a prescription on his way home or weigh in on a big decision. Con: Dad can be coaxed into letting kids break a mom rule. (very annoying!)

     A recent survey by Babytalk magazine found that many married women think it might sometimes be easier to raise kids alone. About 76 percent of married women surveyed by Babytalk magazine who liked the idea of not fighting with a parent about the best way to raise a child.  Other "pros"' cited in survey results include not having to work at maintaining a healthy marriage and not dealing with in-laws. (Those are valid points!) 

    Single moms told Babytalk they feel they have it easier in some ways.Almost two-thirds of the single moms surveyed thought it would be harder to be a parent with a man in the house. Katie Powalski of the Orlando Sentinel says she is a single mom who likes that no one is looking over her shoulder.

      Dadandchild                  Let's just say its hard to be a parent whether you're single or married. We're all struggling with the same issues: Do we let our kids have Facebook pages? Do we let them have sleepovers? Do we forbid them from playing sports if their grades start to drop? 

    Here's where I think having dad in the parenting equation makes a difference: work/life balance. When I think of how my mother struggled to work and raise her children, I know I have it easier. When it comes to being a mom and holding a job, whatever help my husband gives me makes my balancing act more doable. Dad may at times make parenting harder but he sure can making a working mother's life easier.




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No way, I disagree with the headline. As a working mom, if I didn't have my husband to share those very time-consuming tasks of child rearing... simultaneous games, stepping in when traveling, handing off to when you're almost gonna fly off the handle, etc.... I don't know what I would do. My heart goes out to all those single working parents. Don't know how you do it!


Wow... What happened to a loving partnership? As a single dad raising three kids, because their mom took off to be "free to be me," I find your commentary somewhat insulting. Men are as capable as women in parenting. Once the moms stop ridiculing the male parent in life and the media (as in TV), the contribution may be recognized.

Mothers should try elevating their husbands past the level of family comic relief. They might like the results.


Cindy, I don't think you were trying to insult dads out here, but the big complaint seems to be that dads often are lax and let kids get away with stuff or break mom's rules.

I'm afraid that I will soon be divorced, again. I love the idea that there are/were two of us raising the kids. One can do cooking while other helps with school work or whatever. As a single dad, that was much harder. However, when I had the kids, I also knew that they weren't getting away with stuff. Their mom would often just crash after work and I feel there were a few too many shortcuts being made. I was more stable during that time and the kids knew what to expect, thus the consistency made room for a calm household of potty training, homework, and fun.

My friend in another state would totally disagree as she is a single mom of 3. She sometimes considers rejoining the abusive marriage just to get support needed to raise teenagers and a 5 yr old. She's not going to rejoin, but she would laugh at your post.

Thanks for sharing!

Cindy Goodman

I love hearing a dad's perspective. Thanks for the post!


I don't know where I would be without my husband. I can't believe any happily married woman would ever say she would rather be a single parent. I think it is nice to have a balance with the parents... as long as there is a united front. I was at home for the first 7 months of my child's life, but the day I started back at work my husband realized that he is a BIG part of the equation with chores and just tending to the baby.

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