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August 03, 2009

Achieve better work/life balance


   I'm one of those people who make lists. I have a list of back-to-school supplies my kids need. I have a list of calls I need to make and errands I need to run. Each time I look at my lists, I feel overwhelmed. But I'm starting to consider my balancing act from a new perspective. I've been inspired by the Post-it note campaign that's sweeping America.

   The campaign, publicized in The Orlando Sentinel, started when Caitlin Boyle of Orlando stuck a Post-it note to a mirror in a public bathroom with a simple message: "You are beautiful."  Later that day, she posted a picture of her note on her blog, healthytippingpoint.com and challenged readers to do something similar and tell her about it. Within days, she had more than 130 photographs of Post-it notes left in public places with messages such as "I see no flaws only strength & beauty". Boyle quickly set up a new website to house her growing movement, operationbeautiful.com. The site is getting 3,500 visitors a day.

   This morning, when I looked at my to-do list, I thought of Boyle and took a new approach. By the end of the day, I vowed to look at what I accomplished, no matter how small and to give myself a pat on the back for what I've checked off my list rather than look at what's still on it. I'm encouraging others to do the same. It's the best remedy for feeling overwhelmed. So, you didn't get to the gym but you did make that work call that may lead to new business, pat yourself on the back. Here's my virtual Post-it for the day: "You get things done!"

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