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The Best Companies for Work Life in Florida

      Work life is good at 100 companies in Florida that made the list of the Best Companies to Work For in 2009, according to Florida Trend Magazine's August Issue. The magazine ranked companies based on their training, hiring, wellness and other benefit programs.

     Even during the recession, some companies understand that their people are their best assets. The best companies don't cut training when times get tough. "With fewer people we believe training is even more important to continue," Nan Callan of of ABB Concise in Coral Springs told the magazine.

     The magazine ranked companies by size as well as benefits - small, medium and large. How good the benefits are at small companies depends a lot on the boss. Air-Transport in Orlando matches each employee's 401k contributions dollar for dollar up to 5 percent of pay. It give employees no-cost disability and life insurance coverage and other benefits.

   At some of the best smaller companies, lunch is on the boss. Every Friday Jim Davidson at Davidson Realty in St. Augustine makes his employees lunch. Every Monday morning, the employees of Benefit Advisors in Ocala find fresh flowers at every work space.  

    One of the most valued perks is flexibility. At Hire Methods in Jacksonville, employees can work their hours when it's convenient for them. With more than 70 percent of America's children being raised by two working parents or a single working parent, "flexibility and freedom is one of the most important things you can give employees who are parents," says David Miller,CEO of Brightway Insurance in Jacksonville.

Congrats to the best companies to work for and keep up the good work! To see the full list, look below:

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