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How to succeed in business

   On Saturday, I sat in the audience at Office Depot headquarters in Boca Raton with about 150 other women listening to some of the most captivating speakers in the country tell us how to succeed in business. Here's the secret they shared: delegate, outsource....hire people to do the things you're not good at doing.

      I've been hearing this for years but somehow it made more sense to me when I heard successful women talking about precisely how they had built their businesses by using coaches, accountants, lawyers, website developers to help them. Thus, they freed themselves up to dream, networkk, market and build their companies. Its the key to work/life balance, too.


Nell Merlino qa

"You can have it all as long as you don't do it all," said Nell Merlino, president of Count Me In for Women's Economic Independence. Merlino addressed the group at the Count Me In Leadership Institute and told us she's convinced that small business owners have the ability to solve our country's unemployment woes if they hire one person, permanently or short term.  "There is talent out there that you may never have the opportunity to hire again."

     Merlino says start by looking at your to-do list. Then ask yourself, is everything on there key to your success. If not, what can you ask or hire someone else to do. Do you want to embrace social media? Maybe you can hire someone (an out of work college grad?) to help you. Do you know what it takes to get to the next level in your business. Maybe you can hire a business coach. Do you want to get government contracts? Maybe you can hire someone to fill out forms.  

     Says Merlino: "We are happy when we are doing what we are best at. Imagine if  you were surrounded by people doing what they are best at." She says you may need to give something up to get the money to pay the person, but it just may be worth it.

      What do you think of Merlino's answer to unemployment and her key to business success? Can you see yourself making a hire?