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Working moms unofficial work hours

I have had lots of response to my article on working moms unofficial work hours. I realize I am not alone in my late night habits. It seems lots of moms agree with me that the 9 p.m. to midnight time slot is the BEST time to get work done. I no longer will be surprised in any way if I get an immediate response to a late night email from another working mom.

    Hilda Mitrani, a mom and business owner, could relate to this line: Today, working motherhood means putting in a full day, eating dinner, helping with homework, tucking kids into bed and logging on.

     Meanwhile, I wanted to mention that there are lots of conversation about what having more women in the workforce than men will mean going forward. In a fascinating radio interview with Gail Carson,publicist Patricia Thorp, president of Throp & Co. talked about the tipping point; there are more women than men working in America today. The recession caused 82% of men to be laid off, and now women are dominant.

      Thorp addressed these questions:  What are we going to do with our position on increasing power? What are our goals, to help women not just in America, but worldwide? How will women fare with the new responsibilities and leadership roles they are taking on? What will be there agenda? How will men fare with the new home responsibilities?  Click here to hear Patricia's interview.