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Big Fat Lessons of 2009

Did you manage to find work/life balance in 2009? If not, did you at least learn some lessons about work and life that you would care to share?

Gina Gina Rudan of GenuineInsights.com became an entrepreneur this year and learned 10 Big Fat Lessons. She was kind enough to share them:

Lesson 1. Fear always seems bigger than it really is. Next time you experience a feeling of fear visualize a tiny drop of water and realize this is the actual size of your fear. It's minute and will dissolve in seconds when you add a dash of hope.

Lesson 2. When your work is your play and your play is your work then and only then does life really begin for you. As adults we forget that at the end of the day it's about how much fun you had and about purposeful, vigorous play.

Lesson 3. Creativity is the new Black. Begin to unleash your creativity and be prepared for success to result.

Lesson 4. Don't chase the dollar. Starting a business during a recession was not an easy undertaking and when I decided to just view my first year in business as a year of exploration, creativity and play, the money followed rather than me following the money. Huge lesson.

Lesson 5. Relationships are more important today than anything else in your life. This year I focused on my relationships daily and the outcome was I was able to rekindle a few old relationships while growing my tribe. Be mindful to care for your tribe, grow its membership and realize the sustainability of these relationships must be a priority.

Lesson 6. Mastery of anything takes time, turtle steps in fact. I did a great deal of writing this year and realized with daily practice it became easier, richer, less painful, and more fruitful.

Lesson 7. Passion is infectious. This year I had the great honor of meeting several amazing people from all over the world-writers, inventors, musicians, business leaders and celebrity entrepreneurs. What they all had in common was passion. There is something to learn about passion and sharing it with others-it's contagious.

Lesson 8. This year I received hundreds of compliments and emails about "my energy" and have come to realize energy lives inside of each of us like electricity and it just takes putting in a bulb for each of us to be luminous.

Lesson 9. As a storyteller who loves the art of the narrative, this year I told more stories than I have ever told and with each story I learned of another person's story. Our stories are our currency. The more stories you share, the more wisdom you acquire as a result.

Lesson 10. The most valuable lesson I learned this year is that genius lives at the point of intersection between your heart and mind, that sweet spot where your hard assets (strengths, skills, expertise, and body of work) and your soft assets (values, creative abilities, and passions) meet. Once you've identified your particular hard and soft asset ingredients and add a dash of self awareness, these sides of yourself begin to mesh and then the mastery of your genius can truly happen.

Thanks Gina for sharing lessons we all can learn from!