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Men have more leisure time than women.

Women take on a lot. And then, we complain loudly about our struggle with work life balance. Men here in the United States may struggle too, but the facts are they have more leisure time each day.

Bill Radke tackled the subject of leisure in today's NPR Marketplace globalist quiz this morning with the help of quiz master Stephan Richter. Click here for the link.

Here are some interesting nuggets from the quiz:

* Men in the United State 38 minutes leisure time than women.

* Over the course of a year, American men have 13,870 more minutes of leisure than women or about 10 extra days of time off.

* Italian men have more leisure time than American men -- about double.

* Italian men have 80 minutes more leisure time each day than Italian women.

These numbers are no big surprise to me, an American woman who spent last night scrambling to pack lunch boxes while her husband watched football. 

Do these facts surprise you? Would you have guessed that men have more leisure time than women?



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Only thing that surprises me is that it's only 38 minutes! I'm guessing somewhere there's a family whose husband has 1 extra minute of free time a day and my husband has taken over his excess ;-)

Work/Life Balancing Act

I know there are many men who help a lot at home. But I wonder if women should take some responsibility for having less leisure time. Do we speak up enough to get our spouse's help? Sometimes, it's so much easier to just do it ourselves...which is why my hubby is watching TV while I'm packing lunch boxes.


the times in my life I have been able to step back and let my husband do things on his (more relaxed) time table, he has definitely stepped up to the plate and done more (and truth be told, he does quite a bit, but it's definitely not "even" between us, not even close). I was doing well on the "letting go" thing until my daughter (now almost 4YO) came along. All of a sudden it DID seem to matter when dinner got made, or the food shopping got done, or her lunch got made (and what it included), etc. I know when I let go he gets more involved...I just wish he did it faster!

Leanne Chase - leanneclc

Honestly...isn't this our fault? I did not scramble to pack lunches last night...I watched "The Closer" instead. While he packed lunches...why because I was tasked with drop off today while he had a Dr's appt.

For me, all I need to do is point out the unfairness and he gets it...and pitches in. Speak up ladies! Do not suffer in silence. That's just silly.

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