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Higher productivity, less work life balance

Are today's workers headed for burnout?

Ryder CEO Gregory Swienton says it's very possible. He believes the recent surge in productivity has a finite life. "Work life balance is good for employees," Swienton said. "They can and should not be all work." Swienton says as the economy rebounds, companies should want to add employees to allow for their workers to give time to their faith, family, community and other interests. "People should be working smart and use tech to be more productive. It should not be just about longer hours because of so few people."

Swienton addressed a group of business people today at a meeting of Women Executive Leadership(WEL) titled Conventional Wisdom - A View From the Top. WEL founder Cindy Kushner urged speakers to share what it is like to lead companies in these tough economic times.

Much like Swienton, Luda Kopeikina, CEO of Noventra, also believes companies need to make changes as the economy rebounds: "Employees can not sustain what they are doing now.'
Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, author and president of Advantage Leadership, had a pretty insightful take on how long hours are affecting productivity:  "Humans are designed to work 40 hours. If they put in an extra 10 hours on a regular basis, their productivity takes a nosedive. Pretty soon you have to put in more hours to accomplish the same work you were doing in 40 hours. It's a downward spiral"

(Below, founder Cindy Kushner addresses the audience)

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