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Pregnant Athlete draws attention at the Olympics

Interesting blog post today on MomLogic: The headline reads "Are Pregnant Athletes Selfish?"

It notes that Olympic curler Kristie Moore is five months pregnant. She is the first Olympian in 90 years to compete while pregnant.

 Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz, an OB/GYN weighs in: I can tell you with confidence that of all the Olympic sports, this one might actually be one of those best suited for a pregnant woman! Exercise and fitness are encouraged during pregnancy. Regular, moderate exercise is known to decrease fatigue and nausea during the first trimester, and to increase stamina, flexibility and potentially endurance in later trimesters -- possibly even during labor!

Those exercises off limits? Dr. Giblerg-Lenz says no-nos include downhill skiing, contact sports, surfing, horseback riding, skateboarding and scuba diving. Obviously, most X-Games athletes would probably need to take a break. I usually advise my patients, "If you fall, will you freak out? Then don't do it!"

I think it's interesting that this pregnant and selfish discussion even came up. It's the same discussion that has come up in business and has resulted in pregnancy discrimination lawsuits. Some employers believe certain jobs are not suited for pregnant employees. By most definitions, competing in the Olympics is a job. So it gets back to the age-old debate, are there jobs that should be off limits to pregnant women and whose decision is it to make, the employer or the future mom? Is it right for the employer to step in if he believes the safety of the unborn child is in jeopardy? In this case, should the Olympic Committee allow Moore to compete?