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Superbowl, the day after

It was so much fun to watch the Super Bowl being played in my hometown last night. I felt compelled to watch it all the way to the end with friends and family. Of course today, I'm among the millions in America who feeling sluggish. Maybe you enjoyed Super Bowl hoopla, too. Maybe you didn't even make it into work today. In either case, you are not alone. Employers across America now know that Super Bowl affects worker absenteeism as well as productivity he day after the game. 

Statistics say that the Monday after the Super Bowl has the single largest rate of absenteeism from work and school than any other day on the calendar -- about 1.5 million adults will be calling in sick today and another 4.4 million will arrive late. Miami Herald Editor Terence Shepherd wants the day to be called Super Sagging Monday. There's a movement under way gaining ground virally on Facebook calling for the day after Super Bowl to be declared a national holiday or maybe even to move the game to President's Day weekend. I doubt that will ever happen. 

But I am wondering if employers owe it to their workers to be a little lenient about tardiness, sluggishness or absenteeism. After all, Super Bowl is part of American tradition. And for the last few months, worker productivity has jumped, which means most of us have been working extra hard. Of course, is that many of us feel lucky to have jobs today and don't want to risk losing them.

Will you call in sick today, or with the tight labor market, will you shake off the hangover or fatigue and go to work? And, will you join the viral effort to make Super Bowl Monday a national holiday?