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Is texting, talking while driving crucial to work life balance?

Heated debates are going on all over the country on whether to ban text messaging and cell phone use while driving. I've really been thinking a lot about this topic after judging a high school contest and talking to a student who has formed an organization urging people to stop texting and talking in their cars (STATIC). I really don't think teens have the maturity to text or talk on their cell phones and drive the car. I am going to ban my kids from doing it until they are driving for a few years. But I have to wonder whether adults have the maturity?

In Florida, momentum is building for a measure that would ban text messaging while driving. Distractions caused by mobile devices contribute to 6,000 deaths each year on America's highways. That's a scary number. (I bet politicians have a hard time with this because most of them text and drive.) Many people feel like using a blue tooth is okay. I have a hands free device, too, but I have to admit when you are talking on the phone you can get distracted. There's no way around it.

I have kids that will be driving soon. I figured I should start to role model good driving behavior for them. So, I tried to go cold turkey and stop using my cell in the car. What I soon realized was that my work life balance requires me to get things done while on the road. Putting the cell away is VERY challenging. I am now working on a happy medium, trying to use my cell more sparingly in the car and NEVER texting while driving. 

Do you think cell use should be banned while driving? Would your work life balance be challenged?