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Is Helen Thomas still a role model?

Yesterday, Helen Thomas resigned. What a sad day for women in business!

As a female journalist, I have admired Helen Thomas for many years. Who wouldn't? She has been an awesome role model for women, demanding respect in the mostly male White House press corps. As UPI bureau chief, she has covered every president since Kennedy and is best known as the reporter traditionally first recognized at presidential press conferences where she sits front and center. 

Look around newsrooms today and most are at least half female. Helen made that possible. I can only imagine the personal sacrifices she made for work. She had to prove herself again and again over 50 years of covering the White House. For that, for her longevity doing what she enjoys, and for getting essential information to Americans, she is my hero.

But Thomas made a mistake last month and spoke too candidly about her opinion of Jews in Israel. (Read the full story here) Now, all that hard work is overshadowed by hysteria over her comments. What a shame!  At age 89, (yes you read that age correctly) Thomas was forced to resign.

Yesterday, realtor Amy Sussman with ESM Realtors sent me a quote that she lives by. It's so apropos to this Thomas debacle that I have to share it:

"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five

minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things

differently." --Warren Buffet


Time will tell whether Thomas is remembered as an accomplished journalist/role model for women or for what some consider "outrageous" remarks. I intended to remember her as pioneer. Does this debacle change your opinion of Thomas' place in history?