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June 02, 2010

Women leaders say home interferes with work

Women who run businesses are working harder than ever to stay ahead of the curve. They are working so hard that more of them, at least in Florida, find that their career is interfering with their responsibilities at home, according to the Florida's Woman-Led Businesses 2010 study released today by the FIU Center for Leadership and The Commonwealth Institute South Florida.

One woman business leader I spoke with, Christine Franklin, told me her day looks completely different from how it did only a year ago,, "I'm working much harder to get business in the door." Everglades Direct president Susan Drenning (pictured above) told me she worries about not being able to provide her workers with the same perks they had in the past.

When asked in the survey, what keeps you up at night? Women leaders overwhelming answered, "maintaining profitability." I would bet that male leaders would answer that question the same way. It's a tough time to be the boss, particularly though for women who tend to take it to heart when they have employees counting on them for paychecks and health insurance.

Nevertheless, these women leaders, most of whom started the businesses themselves, remain optimistic about the future of their organizations and are looking more to their families for advice and emotional support. I wrote about the report in my Miami Herald column today.

What surprised me in the report is one particular finding: 75 percent of the women leaders said they usually take stressful things at work in stride.

Does that surprise you? Do you think women take ANYTHING stressful things in stride? If women leaders are up at night worrying about staying profitable, is that taking stress in stride?  Do you think women just don't like to admit they stress over work?

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