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Co-Parenting after divorce creates balance issues

In researching my father's day article, I talked to several dads who had joint custody of their children. They were going through the same machinations that many working moms deal with on a daily basis -- getting out of work in time to pick kids up from after care or rescheduling morning meetings to get a child to school on time.

But co-parenting, especially after a divorce, is tricky. I've seen some ugly situations out there. Doing it the right way can make a tremendous difference in in how much it affects your relationship with your kids and your work life balance.

I read some great tips today from Family therapist Terry Real on the ABCNews blog for how to successfully co-parent when your relationship is over. Here are a few:

  • Don't vent your anger in front of the children. Save it for a friend or your therapist. Recognize that the co-parenting relationship is a marathon and not a sprint, and that you remain bonded for life through your children.

  •  Let bygones be bygones, and help each other out if you can. If your ex needs a break on the schedule this week, you may need a break next week, so be a team.

  • Make the distinction between you two as a couple and as co-parents.

  • Think of divorce from a child's perspective. To effectively co-parent, both parents need to live near to each other so children don't have to travel too much or too far.

How has divorce affected your work-life balance? Is there anything you have done in co-parenting that makes life easier?