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Reduce stress at work, drink a soda

Boss stressing you out? Drink a soda.Soda

I know that sounds crazy but a new study out today claims sugary drinks may help ease tension at work and make employees less argumentative. Who knew? All this time I've been drinking water for its health benefits.

Now I find out that the sugar in beverages like sweetened tea gives people bursts of energy that may allow the brain to control impulses and prevent them from reacting too quickly in stressful situations, according to Australian researchers.

"When provocation is likely -- for example, when encountering a difficult supervisor at a work meeting -- drinking a sweetened beverage prior to this encounter might increase one's ability to effectively inhibit aggressive impulses," the U.K.'s Telegraph quoted study authors as saying.

The researchers suggested their findings might apply not only at work but at home.

"Consuming a sweetened beverage on the commute home following a stressful day could reduce aggression toward family members or fellow drivers," the authors said.

Of course with a provocative finding like this, there are doubters. A California nutritionist responded to the study with another alternative: "Better than reaching for a sweetened drink would be eating a light snack of fruit and nuts three hours after a main meal." He suggests low-glycemic fruits like apples, cherries or grapes to avoid the sudden spikes and drops in blood sugar, and walnuts or Brazil nuts.

So now you know the key to staying calm, cool and collected in the workplace or home -- go for the soda!