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Wearing a costume to work


Is it weird to wear a Halloween costume to work? Does it make you come across as fun or unprofessional?

I guess a lot of that depends on where you work, what you do and what costume you wear. A beefy guy in a ballerina costume? That might be frowned on in an office full of conservative women. I once had a boss who wore a cat suit to work. He looked bizarre. That was a tough image to shake all year, even when he wore his business suit.

Personally, I think it's okay to wear something fun without it being an entire costume...maybe a fun hat, wig or glasses.

One guy quoted in the Chicago Tribune made a great point: Phil Melcher will only take part if the whole office does. "It really wouldn't look right to see some people doing it and others being completely uncooperative," he said.

 A new Harris poll shows half of U.S. adults (51%) feel Halloween is an over hyped holiday and one-third (32%) believe only children should dress up for Halloween. This may help explain why two-thirds of adults (66%) say they plan to celebrate Halloween this year, but only one-quarter (26%) are planning to dress up.

So, fess up...did you wear your costume to work today? Would you think any less of a co-worker for wearing a costume to work for Halloween?