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Facebook at work?

It seems some people, I'm not going to mention any names, have a Facebook addiction. I think you know what I mean...you head to the site the minute you power up your computer and keep it running in the background all day long. Or maybe you find yourself updating your status throughout the day, even if you're on the road.

Max Facebook can be a great tool for marketing and connecting. But should it be allowed at work? Or should companies ban it at the office? I posted that question on Facebook and guess what? Lots of people have an opinion on the topic. Most companies allow it, but many people feel it should be banned.

If you feel like you might have a Facebook, Twitter or Linked In addiction, you will want to read my colleague Bridget Carey's tips on how to curtail it. Click here.

I'm convinced social networking is here to stay and that companies are going to have a hard time banning it during the work day. Even if they forbid or block workers from getting on Facebook from office computers, workers are going to use their handheld phones to access the sites. I wrote about the topic for my Miami Herald column today.

My tips for employers: Rather than prohibit access, have frank conversations about expectations, etiquette and privacy around social network usage. 

My tips for workers: Keep your social networking time to a minimum during the work day. Use it only for quick breaks or to help you in your job. Maybe even suggest your company has its own internal social network to let employees communicate and collaborate.

We all know the lines between our work lives and our personal lives are blurred. Most of us take work calls at home. So frankly, it's not that horrible if we peek at Facebook at work. I guess we just need to know where and when to draw the line.

What do you think about social networking at work? Should a business embrace it or ban it?