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Is there loyalty in business?

This morning I received an interesting email from L. Semplice. Just reading it, I could feel her frustration. Her husband put 40 years into working for his company and at age 64, his company let him go.

In her letter, she writes:"This is so typical of so many companies these days as people get closer to retirement age, and are on a higher pay scale." 

On one hand, I believe Ms. Semplice has a point. Companies aren't loyal to their employees and the longer you work at a company, the more you make, the more at risk you become of losing your job. That stinks! Employers do what's best for business because the recession has been all about survival.

But at the same time, I feel as if employees aren't loyal anymore either. We do what's best for ourselves, too. The younger generation understands this -- they have no expectation of loyalty.

In today's workplace, I think there is recognition on both ends that loyalty is dead. Unfortunately, there's still a generation in the workforce over 60 that knew it to be different, to be better.

Semplice believes long-term employment is going to be the exception as we go forward. She has lots of others who agree with her, such as this blogger who writes: "I've talked to my grandfather and he talks of companies that cared about their employees and employees that cared about the company and the goods they make...I don't see that any more... in either direction... just everyone treating everyone else like cogs in their own personal ideas... just to get to the next level, with no real care for the level they are at now."

I just don't think it's going to change. I think most of us have accepted the new way of doing business and are adjusting how much we're willing to give to our employer during the recession and after it. 

What are your thoughts on employer and employee loyalty? Are you convinced it's dead?



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This to me is the classic chicken and egg conundrum. Who ceded their loyalty first? Employees or employers? Depending on the side of the table that you're on, you'll say the other. I've often said that companies only look out for an employee while it's in their best interest to do so. (I learned that the hard way, but fortunately at a young age.) But in reading this post, I realize that it goes in the other direction too. Employees will only be dedicated to their employer while it benefits them to do so. Then they get another job.


I believe that its true at certian business sectors. This economy forces companies to make decisions they don't want to make. I'm 36 years old and gave myself to the company for 7 years only to be let go.

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I'm doing just fine, Juan. I hope you are too.

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