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January 03, 2011

How to change your business direction in 2011

Did you have a difficult 2010?

 "In 2011 there can be prosperity but you have to work for it," says Dr. Leticia Wright, a motivational speaker, author and TV show host. "The key is confronting the reality you face."

So, what's your reality? Are you hitting a wall at work, trying to get ahead but not getting noticed. Or, are you like George Jousma who sells yachts and didn't have one customer walk into his showroom for almost a year?

Today, I wrote a piece that appeared in The Miami Herald on overcoming adversity in business.  I noticed creative people find ways to master adversity in business by jumping into new fields, changing business directions, seizing opportunities they hadn't realized existed or honing in on a more targeted market.

The first step is knowing you need to do something differently. It takes introspection. Look at your business card. Is it clear to others what you do for a living? Is it clear to you? What is standing in the way of your career success or the business card you would like to have a year from now?

Ron Finklesteincoaches people on how to think differently to get the results they seek. If you own a struggling dry cleaning company, that could mean hiring different people to handle customer service. If you sell Mary Kay cosmetics, Silapada jewelry and residential properties, it could mean paring down your offerings. Or if you find your business skills are limited, it could mean creating an advisory board to offer expertise or even finding a new niche.

It almost always requires change.

Click here for the link to my full article if you want to see how others found a way to turn adversity around to their advantage. I hope you are able to figure out how their experiences could apply to you.