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Arianna Huffington on sleep deprivation and breakfast meetings

Arianna Huffington says she recently tried to arrange a breakfast meeting with an executive. She suggested 8 a.m. He agreed calling it "late" but saying at least it would give him a chance to play a few rounds of tennis and make a call to London.

Arianna says busy professionals today are engaging in sleep deprivation one-upmanship. I have to agree. I talked to two men last week who told me they regularly get by on 4 hours of sleep. It's almost as if sleep deprivation is a badge of honor. What these professionals might not realize is "getting by" is different from thriving and making great decisions.

In the quest for work life balance, sleep has become expendable. Arianna says she was at dinner with a man who bragged that he had just jetted into town and only slept a few hours. After a jam packed day, he was planning to jet off again. "He told me he only had 4 hours sleep. What I wanted to tell him was that our dinner would have been more interesting if he had gotten five."

Below is Arianna speaking out on sleep deprivation from a video clip on AOL.com. Next time you think about setting an early morning meeting, remember that sleep deprivation one-upmanship isn't a game everyone wants to play.