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Best Careers for Family Caregivers

One day at work, I got a call from the hospital. My elderly aunt was being released and wasn't well enough to go home. She needed to go to a nursing home, the hospital told me. And, it needed to happen within hours. I was the nearest relative and the one who had brought my aunt to the hospital. Suddenly, my life was in a frenzy. I took the afternoon off work and found her a nursing home. But that was just the beginning.

That was about 15 years ago and I had very young kids. I was thrown into the world of family caregiving, raising children and trying to keep my job. Anyone who has been a family caregiver knows how hard it is to balance work and caregiving responsibilities. I am thrilled to read in Smart Money that some employers are pitching in to help their workers who are caregivers.

Below is a snippet of the SmartMoney story. I hope it helps those of you who need this info. If you're not there yet in your life responsibilities, bookmark it for your future.

Best Careers for Family Caregivers


For the 43 million Americans taking care of another adult, climbing the corporate ladder may seem all but impossible. Now, though, help is coming from a surprising corner: Your employer.

A decade ago, few people had ever heard of corporate benefits like elder care leave and caregiving referral services. Now some 10% of companies currently provide them, a percentage experts expect to keep growing. Flex-time, which is critical for dealing with emergencies or monitoring care, is also getting more popular. Almost one in five companies say that in 2011 they plan to add or increase the amount of flex-time options they offer employees, according to a survey by executive search firm Amrop Battalia Winston.

For those that have found caregiving to be a career killer, it's a welcome change.

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