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Surviving Manic Monday

You are having your Sunday night dinner when thoughts start to creep in your mind about the work week ahead. Your heart starts to beat a little faster as you think about the dreaded beast known as Monday.

Stressed person This Sunday night creep sparked by the dread of Mondays hits more people than you realize. It apparently has worsened with the uncertain economic times and weak job security. Some people even have physical symptoms such as headaches and stomachaches and  experience the blues. A co-worker of mine, a single mom, told me her whole body starts to feel numb on Sunday night as she gets overwhelmed by all she has to do in the week ahead.

Mary Ann O'Neil, principal of One to One Leadership, a leadership and management consultancy in New York, told CareerBuilder.com:" The real world is about making decisions and managing others. When Sunday night approaches, the fun and relaxed atmosphere of the weekend becomes a faint memory."

When you work from home as I do, I dread Mondays because the house is a mess and I'm left to put it back in order and get back to business. Can any of you work-from-homers relate?

Here are some tips from a variety of experts for avoiding a Manic Monday:

* Plan some weekday relaxation. A mere 15 minutes of "me time" can give you something to look forward to on Sunday night.

* Organize on Friday. Review what you accomplished and what needs to be done the next week. This saves time on Monday morning and might alleviate some of the dread.

* Minimize Mondays. Start of the week in a fun way such as stopping at Starbucks or reading your favorite blog.

* Resist checking e-mail on Sunday nights. 

* Focus on the positives about work. Instead of thinking about deadlines and meetings, think about co-workers you want to talk to or a customer you enjoy being around.

Have you ever experienced anxiety leading up to a Manic Monday?


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Kathy McDonald, GetClearGetGoingCoaching.com

Great post Cindy. I remember, back when I worked in a consulting division, most of my peers had to get on a plane Sunday night so their work creep started Sunday morning. Your tips were useful, especially getting organized on Friday so you can feel more organized and prepared for what lies ahead. I also liked the idea of building in something fun as a way to turn Monday morning around. My old work group use to have a coffee klatch Monday morning where we took turns bringing inbagels and sharing about our weekend. It was a nice way to ease into the week.

Heather Mundell

I love your idea of not checking email on Sundays. I really try to let the whole weekend be a weekend and then get up earlier than usual on Monday mornings to "get organized". Too often on Fridays I'm just done and don't have any organization energy left.

I think the best thing to avoid wrecking Sunday is to try to stay focused on Sunday and not think ahead to Monday. This is easier said than done!


Heather, I'm trying to follow that same advice. By Sunday night, it's challenging not to think about all that's on your plate for the week ahead.

By doing that, we're shortchanging ourselves of a relaxing Sunday night.

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