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Canyon Ranch founder Mel Zuckerman speaks out on work life balance

When I met Mel Zuckerman, founder of the famous Canyon Ranch Resort & Spa, I immediately wanted his secret formula to aging. Mel looks decades younger than his age. But he told me he once looked decades older. He's a reformed workaholic who constantly has to fight the urge to slip back into his old ways. The key to aging gracefully is to exercise he told me. Check out my article below for more of Mel's tips.


The Miami Herald

Canyon Ranch founder practices what he preaches


   Founders of Canyon Ranch Jerry Cohen and Mel Zuckerman at the gym of their Miami Beach property.
Alexia Fodere / For the Miami Herald
Founders of Canyon Ranch Jerry Cohen and Mel Zuckerman at the gym of their Miami Beach property.
Mel Zuckerman and I are seated on the deck of Canyon Ranch Miami Beach while an ocean breeze tussles our hair and a turquoise ocean taunts us. Zuckerman’s glowing skin and trim upper body make him look much younger than 83. It’s obvious he has embraced the lifestyle he envisioned when he transformed the fitness and spa industry with his posh Canyon Ranch retreats.

I ask Zuckerman about the wellness revolution, figuring he would be thrilled about his role in kick-starting it a few decades ago. His answer surprises me.

“There’s still a disconnect between what we know we should do and putting it into action,” he says.

True, I admit to him. Most of us know we should be exercising and focusing on prevention, but we claim we’re too busy. Then, we plunk ourselves in front of our television sets and snack on junk food while we boost the ratings of reality TV. Many Americans resolve each January to eat healthier, exercise more or get regular check-ups in the new year. Nearly 60 percent of people drop their resolutions by the six-month mark, according to studies by University of Scranton psychology professor John Norcross.

How, then, do you convince a workaholic that work/life balance is critical or an overworked mother that embracing wellness is a necessity, not a luxury? I ask Zuckerman. His frame of reference is own personal transformation, which he documents in his new book, The Restless Visionary. When Zuckerman opened the now famous Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Ariz., in 1979, he was an overweight homebuilder and recovering workaholic whose health and marriage had taken a beating. “I had high blood pressure, ulcers, diverticulitis, and a hernia. I lived a sedentary life, and I was 50 pounds overweight,” he tells me.

“There has to be readiness for a life change. Usually it’s fear,” he says

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