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Working parents too tired for sex?

Obviously our work life balance is completely out of whack. A new study says the majority of working parents are too tired for sex. Yes, 70 percent of us working parents are sex-deprived. True?

This morning, CBS's The Early Show, devoted a segment to the study's findings.

How often are couples having sex?

"This is the scary thing," Psychotherapist and relationship expert Heide Banks remarked to co-anchor Chris Wragge. "Under 30, or in the honeymoon phase of the relationship, two-to-three times a week. Over 30, 59 times a year. So that's a little bit more than once a week. When you get to be about 60 or 70, once a month. So anywhere in there," Banks explains. "But you can't compare yourself. You can't get in to a numbers game. It's about connecting in a relationship."

Banks suggests getting up a half hour earlier before the kids wake up and break the pattern.

"We always think of sex in the evening and we're exhausted. Wake up a little early and start your day that way," she stresses. "Again, re-prioritize your relationship, make connecting a priority."

Do you think this survey is accurate? I once read about a couple with kids who made a pact to have sex every night for 101 days, no matter how tired they were. The wrote a book about it. I found an article on the book from 2008. Click here to read more.

What are  your thoughts about the anti-sex trend? Is our work schedule to blame? Our addiction to technology? 


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