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25 Best Companies for Work Life Balance

Are you looking for flexbility? Do you want to bring your Wheeton Terrior to work with you? Or, is an onsite gym what attracts you to a company?

Even during tough ecnomic times, employers act like they want to offer work life balance but in some instances, it's all talk.

Now, Glassdoor.com has released a new list of the top 25 employers for work-life balance. Glassdoor is a website that offers insight into careers and companies, as well as job listings. This is the first year it has produced such a list, which is based on survey results from more than 150,000 employees who work or have worked at 36,000 companies. Many of the companies on the list are hiring.

"A lot of companies talk about a good work-life balance," says Robert Hohman, CEO and co-founder of Glassdoor. "But not that many deliver. The [companies] on this list actually deliver."

Here's Glassdoor's full list of companies with the best work-life balance:

1. Nestlé Purina Petcare Company


3. SAS Institute

4. FactSet

5. United Space Alliance

6. Slalom Consulting

7. Facebook

8. Morningstar

9. Susquehanna International Group

10. Colgate-Palmolive

11. Mentor Graphics

12. Autodesk

13. Sheetz

14. Agilent Technologies

15. Turner Broadcasting

16. Dupont

17. Southwest Airlines

18. General Mills

19. Biogen Idec

20. Scottrade

21. Chevron

22. Synopsys

23. MTV Networks

24. Intuit

25. National Instruments


Here’s what some employees are saying at the top rated companies for work-life balance:

Purina trusts its employees to take business risks within reason, is flexible when people need time off for personal activities, such as kids’ schedules or events and the CEO is a down-to-earth guy who makes you feel like he’s one of your fellow team members.” – Nestle Purina Petcare Employee (Saint Louis, MO)

“The company provides a good balance of work and family, freedom to telecommute, good retirement plan, and good work place ethics.” – MITRE Lead Multi-Discipline Systems Engineer (location n/a)

“The commitment to work/life balance comes from the top down and they believe in it. As a result, employees treat each other fairly and well.“ – SAS Institute Employee (Cary, NC)


Readers, how important do you think this list is to new hires? Would someone turn down a job at a company that doesn't value work life balance?


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I think people would love to work for a company that values work-life balance, but wouldn't be too hesitant about joining a company that doesn't offer the same perks and benefits as the ones listed above, especially since it seems that companies that offer great work-life balance are still a novelty.

Clark Adams

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