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New Ways to Elevate Yourself in Business

Is it possible to rise even higher in business, to climb new heights to reach success and still maintain work life balance?

Yesterday, I felt like the answer was YES, YES, YES!

I went to one of the most inspiring conferences I have ever attended. Michelle Villalobos, a motivation expert with Mivista , put on her third Empowered Women's Success Summit. We started the day by pinkie promising with our neighbor to do everything it takes to reach new levels of success by November 18 (six months from now).

I'm going to share some of the highlights of the day so you can also elevate yourself.

Keynoter Jessica Kizorek, founder of BadassBusinessWomen.org, offered up this advice:

* "Elevation is about doing what's scary." If taking the next step is scary, you're on the right track. Pursue on.

* It's important to have people around you who want you to succeed. "Your success will be measured by the people who are pulling for you."

* When you arrive at work, you will not automatically be elevated. You will have to work at it.

From the Public Speaking panel  with AmondaRose Igoe, Yolanda Harris, Dawn Siebold and Dawnna St. Louis:

* Develop a niche, become an expert in something, provide a solution, provide a strong point of view.  Give people a reason to ask you to speak.

* It used to be content is king. Now value is king.

*Even if you think you are a good public speaker, pick someone, present to them and ask them to critique you.

* Don't try to do too many things in business. Pick one and excel at it.

Anita Campbell, CEO of Small Business Trends, shared these insights:

* Brand yourself by picking a niche that's narrow and deep. Example, a consultant to women who have gift basket making businesses.

* Look at the About section on your website or Linked In and make sure what you are saying about yourself is up to date and what you want to be conveying.

* Be visible. Volunteer, attend events, work up to being a speaker.

* Delegate and offload where possible to focus on growing your small business 

From Lisa Sparks, Regional Development Director, Constant Contact:

* Use your email marketing to generate leads. It helps if you take a stand and show who you are. Be patient.It takes 7 touches to make a sale.

* If you mess up on social media, don't react immediately. Wait and see what your tribe (followers) do. They can be your best crisis management.

* It's not important how much you post on social media sites. It's more important whether you move people to react.

* Return on Investment (ROI) in social media is hard to measure. It's like measuring the ROI of conversations with friends.

From the Online Marketing Panel with Lynn Ponder, Aliza Sherman, Denise Jacobs, Mande White and Sandi Abbott:

* Keep it simple. Find one platform you can be great at such as Twitter, Facebook, Linked In.

* Put a price on what you do and get to the ask. If you don't put a price on it people will see it as cheap goods.

* Frequency in online marketing is not as important as being interesting.

From the Media Panel where I was a speaker:

* Become familiar with the media you want to target for coverage

* Reach out to media with a pitch that positions you as an expert of part of a new trend.

* Go to sites like HARO and respond to queries from reporters looking for experts.

Readers, let me know if some of these tips help. Do you feel like you can elevate yourself in busness in the next six months? Pinkie promise that you will try?


 (Dawwna St. Louis,Michelle Villalobos, Lisa Sparks)


(Me and Jessica Kizorek at the summit)