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The end-of-school-year frenzy hits hard


This week I feel like a race horse....I just have to make it to the finish line...Only seven school days left...I can do it! 

I've been thinking about a column I read in the Wall Street Journal a few years ago. It said the end of school year can be as chaotic for working parents as the holiday season. We have class parties, awards ceremonies, dance recitals and sports banquets. We have teacher gifts to buy. I don't know about you but the frenzy is hitting me hard this year.

Once I reach that finish line, I can take a deep breath.  I won't have to pack lunches, supervise homework or rush kids to school for a few months. Yay!

I just read a Daytimer blog that had a few good ideas for working parents wrapping up the school year to keep in mind as they head toward the finish line. I added some of my own,. If you have some to add, please share:

* Be merciless. Organize your child's best tests, papers and crafts into one folder. Make those tough decisions. You really don't need to save EVERYTHING.

* Have your child bring a small notebook to school. He can use it collect phone numbers and email addresses. Over the summer, if you kid is bored, he is ready reach out.

* Make a bucket list for summer. What fun things do you want to do this summer, with and without kids? Write them down so you can check them off as go.

* Establish expectations. Will you impose TV limits, summer chores, curfew or other summer rules? Now is a good time to think about this.

* Know what summer reading your kid is assigned. If you find out now, you can help your child figure out when he or she will get the reading done. I've had a kid tell me a week before school started that he had summer reading. I almost killed him. 

* Get back-to-school orientation on your calendar. If your child is moving up to another school, be sure to find out about the orientation and visitation opportunities. Put them on your calendar now so you can plan around them. 


Readers, are you as crazed right now as I am? Do you think the end-of-school year hoopla has gotten out of hand? Do you have any rituals that you use to help you have a more relaxed summer?


  Relaxingonbeach (Me in two weeks!)