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Getting more done by pretending to be on a plane

People on a plane

This morning, I was having breakfast with my friend Raquel when we came across a blog post that made both of us laugh. It was titled, How to Increase Productivity by Pretending You are on an Airplane. We both agreed that we love alone time on a plane. It's such a great opportunity to get stuff done -- whether it's for fun or work. When is the last time you read chapter after chapter of a book, only being interrupted once by someone offering you a beverage?

The blogger, Marc Cortez, writes:  "I can spend two hours on an airplane and accomplish almost as much as I can in an entire day in my office." He says there are four reasons: No internet, No email, No drop ins, Nowhere to go.

Marc goes on to describe the things that he's going to try implementing in his regular routine to make him as productive as he would be on a plane. 

1. Find my peak productivity place (maybe a coffee shop?)

2. Turn the wifi off.

3. Use “airplane mode.” ( if I’m going to get some good, focused work done, the cell phone must go. I could turn it off completely, but I don’t like waiting for it to start up again. So, “airplane mode” it is.)

4. Use a “distraction free” writing program. (they go full screen and prevent anything on the computer from interrupting your writing experience)

I think Marc makes a great case for changing work habits -- even if it's only for one afternoon. 

Raquel suggested we get a group of busy moms together, put them on an airplane and just have it circle around the airport. "We would all get tons done," she said."We could have some cocktails, tune out everyone, read, brainstorm new projects, and get done whatever we need to do -- without interruptions."

I suggested we advertise it as the productivity flight. Would you want a seat on the plane?