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New study: Men have a biological clock

If you're a guy who works hard, puts your career first, and figures you will find a suitable mate and have kids whenever you get around to it, think again.

It turns out men have a biological clock. Yes, you read that correctly. 

The evidence is mounting that men need to find work life balance earlier in life and get busy making babies if they want to up their chances of a healthy family. An article in the Wall Street Journal by Jennifer Vanderbes made a great case for the dangers of being a late-in-life father.

Ladies, if you dig older men, there are a few things you should know: When it comes to fathering healthy children, older men, it turns out, are just as much at the mercy of their biological clocks as women. According to researchers at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. A man over 40 is six times as likely as a man under 30 to father an autistic child. The incidence of bipolarity, epilepsy, prostate cancer and breast cancer also increases in children born to men over 40. 

"As men get older, maybe there is some sperm available but a lot of that DNA may be abnormal," says Harry Fisch, author of "The Male Biological Clock."

Rod Fisch says men live in denial. Celebrities like Larry King and Rod Stewart have dazzled us with their late-in-life offspring but, he says, men need to make informed choices about when to reproduce.

Meanwhile, the dating websites all report consistent evidence that women go for older guys. They also report that there are many more men over 40 who are single than women.

If I was single and wanting kids, I'd now think twice about entering a relationship with a guy over 40.

Readers, what are your thoughts on these findings? Do you think it may give men some new incentive to make family a priority earlier in life? Do you think it may change a younger woman's outlook on who she dates?