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This may be the summer of bizcations

It's the ideal scenario with gas prices sky-high: a bizcation.

 A new survey says the combining business travel with a mini-family vacation is this summer's ideal way to find work life balance.  Sixty-seven percent of frequent business travelers said that they sometimes or often combined a business and leisure trip. 

A lot of industry conferences are scheduled in the summer, so sometimes it just takes a little pre-planning to turn the trip into a bizcation. My husband and I had a great bizcation years ago when we extended his work trip in Europe by a week and turned it into a second honeymoon.

One lawyer told Atlanta Business News she often extends business trips through the weekend and brings her daughter along. At age 14, her daughter has seen Washington, New York City, Boston and Philadelphia while staying in some of the cities' nicest hotels. The lawyer's flight and hotel room are paid for by the firm; she has to pay only for her daughter’s flight and some food.

For single parents, taking the kids along on business trips can offer peace of mind and solve the problem of child care at home. Of course, not every trip is appropriate, particularly those where you know you won't have much free time.

My friend brought her kids with her on a business trip to Orlando, turning it into a weekend getaway to Disney. It cost her only the price of the park tickets.

You have to use caution, though. Not every company condones bizcations. And sometimes, having family along on a work trip can be distracting.

Readers, have you ever taken a bizcation? Do you think it's a good idea or a bad one?