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7 Tips for Stress-Free Vacations

I love family vacations. They are a must for work life balance. But I dislike the preparation and the return. I'm usually so crazed trying to get ready for take off that by the time my family gets on the plane, I'm exhausted. Then on the return, I pout wishing my vacation could last forever.

With the right preparation though, you can maximize the benefits of your time off before, during and after your vacation. Recently, More Magazine included some of my suggestions for a stress-free vacation in an article. 

I thought I would share some tips from the article along with a few more I came up with to help you make the most of your vacation.

1. Take your vacation. Your work life and home life will improve it you get away for a little bit.

2. Limit work time. If you feel use must check in, limit it to once a day. That may require adjustments on your smartphone to prevent email alerts all day long.

3. Sign up for international service. If you're going abroad, look into global data plans ahead of time along with prepaid international phone cards.

4. Prepare for emergencies. Instead of telling people to call you on your cell, give out your hotel information to one person in your office or your most important customers. Have them call you only in case of emergencies.

5. Give yourself time to ease back in. You might want to return a day or two before you have to go to work to take care of personal stuff before the chaos of work resumes.

6. Avoid overload. Try not to schedule meetings for your first three days back.

7. Check your attitude. Have something to look forward to when you return -- it may be a new project or a co-worker who makes you laugh.

Readers, if you have any tips, please share. We all want our get-aways to be a stress-free as possible.


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Rob Wane

If you don’t take some time off from your busy schedule to address the problem, then stress will just keep piling up on you until such time that it will affect your work.

Cindy Goodman


I agree with you. Even taking a long weekend makes a big difference and gives you perspective when you return.


Monty Germaine

I think that limited work time is one of the most important things for me in order to enjoy my vacation. I also think it is important to get as much work done beforehand as possible. Otherwise I stress out too much while away.

spain villa

I admire your advice, its nicely done. From my point of view when you are going for vacation forget your all tension and pending work. Just feel free and enjoying your days.

Hotels with Indoor Water Parks

Great advice. My family and I are heading out next week for our vacation. I have already told everyone I know that my phone will be off and I will have no internet access. I can't even remember the last time those two things happened. I am going to enjoy this vacation for all it is worth, plus this way my family won't yell at me for neglecting them.

Jaco Beach Vacation Rentals

Great blog! My husband and I have begun planning our honeymoon for next year (2013), we're going to Costa Rica! I just want to avoid as much stress as possible and leave time if we have any emergencies!! Fun post, thanks for the great info!

Cindy Goodman

I hope it goes well for you. It's such a struggle today for anyone to take a stress free vacation.

Cheap Vacations Packages

All I want is a stress-free vacation and these tips can help in a lot of ways. Good thing you shared them to us.

Steve Smith

Family vacation is one of the best event for a family, they could relax and do some recreations. It is not wrong to spend some time just for fun and leisure, in fact, it could give benefits to the bonding and relationship. Everybody deserves a break.

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Thank you for the post. It is informative and helpful. My family and I are planning a vacation to North Carolina right now. We love the different family activities there, especially the water parks. They have an abundance of attractions for various age groups.

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