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Court Ruling Against Working Moms Brings Attention to Work-Life Balance

Mom blogs heated up this week after a shocking court ruling.

A group of women at Bloomberg Media claimed they were passed over for promotions after having children. The sued, and lost.

The judge says they were not discriminated against and that the law does not require companies to provide a balance between work and home life. The judge found that “even if there were several isolated instances of individual discrimination,” the commission had insufficient evidence to prove that discrimination was the company’s “standard operating procedure.” 

 Judge Loretta Preska:

 Absent evidence of a pattern of discriminatory conduct . . . the EEOC's pattern or practice claim does not demonstrate a policy of discrimination at Bloomberg. It amounts to a judgment that Bloomberg, as a company policy, does not provide work/life balance.


The editorial director of Working Mother magazine calls that a step backwards. "The best and most productive companies are those who have workers who are satisfied and feel engaged at home and at work," says Jennifer Owens.

While that's true, is it realistic to believe companies should care about our work life balance? Most of us working moms know that to succeed at high levels, you have to make some tough choices. I hate admit that high level female managers often lack balance in their personal lives. It takes long days to get ahead and many of us choose not to make those sacrifices. But I do get angry when I hear about a working mom who works her buns off and gets passed over for a promotion.

What do you think? Are women with kids discriminated against at most big companies? Should companies be required to provide a balance between work and home life?



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A woman with kids gets passed over at MOST companies.....I am a mom and I have had to work twice as hard as the guy next to me because I am judged for being a mom....So while I may leave at 4 for a school meeting...that will mean that I will have to put in 10 hours to compensate and make sure my image is not one of dropping the ball. Wheras the guy has to leave early for a doctors appointment...will not even have to make it up!!! and his image stays clean.

In my experience as a mom..I have to work twice as hard as the next guy/girl because I am pre-judged and very unfairly.


and to add to that...I may have to leave eceryday on time...5:45..and then I will pick up the slack from a my home computer and sometimes work 3 more hours. The guy next to me leaves at 6:30 and is given a gold medal...because my work is behind the scenes its highly discounted. It just all an unfair bunch of BS.

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