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I'm not loafing, I'm refreshing

Facebookpage (AP Photo)

It's just so tempting to browse the Internet during the work day -- maybe you take a peek at your Facebook page or check on an Ebay item you're bidding on.

I've done it -- have you?

Now you can tell your boss about this new finding: Browsing the Internet can make you more productive.

It turns out that cyberloafing has been found to refresh workers mentally after long periods of work, according to a new study by researchers from the National University of Singapore. Surfing the Web is better for productivity than talking or texting with friends or sending personal emails. 

And, researcher found employers who turn into Big Brother and try to excessively monitor or ban it outright will simply find that personal Web surfing increases.

Based on the findings, the authors urge companies to strike a middle ground. “An acceptable Internet use policy would allow for periodic Web browsing while limiting the time spent on personal e-mails,” said associate professor Vivien K. G. Lim.

Personally, I find cyberloafing fun and a great break from the intensity of the work day. Checking out Facebook is like dropping in on a cocktail party or hanging out at the water cooler. Most of us put in really long days. I don't see any harm in taking a 10 minute break periodically during the work day to surf the Web -- as long as you're not going to any inappropriate sites.

Readers, what do you think of the study's findings? Does surfing the Web refresh you? Should we all take periodic breaks throughout the day to cyberloaf?