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Seeking work life balance -- on vacation

This year, for the first time in at least a decade, I decided to enjoy vacation without checking email every day, blogging or obsessing over what I need to get done.

Call it a true vacation. We'll see how it goes. I let you know when I return.

I hope all of you are are able to enjoy some time off before summer ends!



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Rachel Blaufeld

I did this over spring break....I shouted my decision through my blog at StartupNation which was a good idea and locked me into my choice. It went really well and my kids loved it! How did it go for you? Rachel

♥ Angela ♥

Yes indeed one way to enjoy a great vacation is to give oneself some time to escape from everything that gives one worries, to spend time and connect with love ones, and friends and see where you left off.


Enjoy! It's hard to do when committed to a job because some people will actually feel anxiety when away from their work to the point to where they feel they MUST check their email and must check in. I hope it goes well and leave the cell phone at home!

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