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Three things you must do immediately for better work life balance

Many people have a dream or passion they never have pursued. 

What's the biggest excuse used? A hectic schedule. Think about it, have you recently blurted out..."If I only had the time, I'd ____."

It is important to realize that everyone has 24 hours in the day, and what matters is how you use that time to your benefit. Making time for what fulfills you...that's at the essence of work life balance.

I just learned in Rick Frishman's Sunday Tips that Nicholas Sparks was super busy while trying to write The Notebook. He had to care for his children, including a newborn, focus on his job, which required a lot of traveling, and of course find time for his wife, as well. Despite the obstacles, he didn t let the busy schedule get in the way of his writing. He was determined to finish his book, and of course, we all know how that turned out. The Notebook was not only a success on the bookshelves, but was also made into a multi-million dollar movie.

First, if you have a dream you want to pursue, you have to find the time. You don't have to spend a long period of time trying to complete a project, learn a new language or write that novel you dream about writing. You just have to spend some time consistently, every day working toward making it happen. 

Next, examine when you can make the time. Some people get up a little earlier and devote time in the morning before the rest of the family wakes up. Others pursue their passion during their lunch breaks, while others choose to devote time at night after the family has gone to bed.

Last, vow to not only make the time, but to give your pursuit your full attention during the time alloted. If you spend a half hour every morning  without interruption, you should make major progress within a few months.  

Remember, don t let your busy schedule stand in the way of your dreams. No excuses.





 (Nicholas Sparks found the time, so can you)