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Lessons from Quarterback Tim Tebow

Let me start by saying I'm a huge Tim Tebow fan. For those of you who don't know who he is, Tebow is the former golden boy quarterback for the Florida Gators football team and the new starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos.

This summer, Tebow came out with an autobiography called Through My Eyes. When I read it, I could understand why Tebow has excelled in sports. He's one of the most focused people on earth.

Tebow was raised in a small town in Florida and taught three things: family is everything, regilion is everything, hard work is everything. He is not distracted by parties, girls or social activites of any sort. His life really isn't about balance. It's about football, playing it and playing it well.

Tebow regularly talks about how he believes in working harder, longer and putting in more than any other player to reach his goals of being the best in his position.

While the rest of us juggle work and fun, Tebow just concentrates on work. That lazer focus has paid off. Tebow doubters have been proved wrong. When Tebow was recruited by the Denver Broncos, naysayers said he would never be a starter quarterback. Tebow proved them wrong.

Now, Tebow-mania has hit South Florida. On Monday, it was announced that Tebow will start for Denver against the Dolphins on Oct. 23. On Tuesday, more than 2,000 tickets for the game sold on the secondary market --  That equaled the previous six weeks of sales for the game. Columnist Dave Hyde wrote this morning, "You can count on your hand the number of players in team sports who sell tickets just by showing up."

Now, I'm not advocating of everyone put their job before EVERYTHING else. But I think Tebow is an example that when you do that, when you put in the time and the hard work, you not only reach your goal, you become a role model for others. Of course, it helps Tebow's popularity that he's good looking and charitable. As blogger Mama Sass pointed out there are moms everywhere who are ready to auction off their first-born daughters to the T-man. But I can assure you, T-man isn't paying attention. He's working hard on throwing passes on the field, and showing the rest of us his drive will pay off.