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Shocking admission: People would give up sex rather than Facebook



How addicted are you to Facebook? This video is hilarious....lots of people in this studio audience would rather give up sex for a week than give up Facebook. I understand their Facebook addicition, but really?
























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I don't even have a facebook account. If people want to know about me, they can call me (landline or cell) or email me. To me facebook is a waste of time.


This is not only shocking but downright depressing. To favor a social networking site over actual human interaction, be it physical or otherwise, shows just how much humans are distancing themselves from one another. Pretty soon people won’t know how to communicate at all without the benefit of an electronic device to assist them with the task. Personally, I don't understand the allure of Facebook, as I consider it a colossal waste of time; however, to each his own.

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