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When mom travels...

Work travel
I am leaving tomorrow for a work conference in D.C. and already I'm exhausted. Going away for a few days when you have children with activies, lunches that need packing and carpools that need reorganizing is like a staging a minor military operation .

I run the small country called Home, millions of us do it in our spare time, and no one who doesn’t run that small country really knows what it feels like to worry about whether a kid will get his homework agenda signed in your absence or if the pre-made dinner will get cooked.

Maybe some of you are fortunate to have a full time assistant to handle your arrangements. When my husband travels, his secretary handles his flight arrangements and home life continues to run smoothely. In some ways, that really infuriates me. But as the main caregiver in my household, I'm busily preparing written instructions for each day I'm gone and expecting my husband and kids to step up and carry them out. (Have you ever done this?)

I would guess that moms who are road warriors and have this whole travel thing figured out. There's actually a admirable blogs out with instructions on how to be a mom and a roadwarriorette. It has lots of tips to help moms so they don't worry the whole time they are gone (is that possible?)

Tonight, I hand my husband The List; tasks to attend to in my absence.“Jake’s guitar lesson, Friday, 4pm, $30″ and the like.  

For a few days, I will stretch across the king size hotel bed and sleep diagonally. I will talk business all day and drink cocktails with other attendees in the evenings instead of nagging one kid to do homework or chauffeuring another to basketball practice. I may be exhausted when I arrive, but while I'm there, I plan to enjoy it!