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Disney eases dress code, should your workplace?

On Monday, the Walt Disney Co. announced it would let employees at its two U.S. theme park resorts -- including more than 60,000 workers at Orlando's Walt Disney World -- grow a beard or goatee as long as shorter than a quarter of an inch.

I'm wondering what sparked that change! Aren't you?

For years, the company has banned facial hair, which led to grumbling among some of its male theme park workers. Did they grumble loud enough to be heard? Relaxing "The Disney Look" was a huge move for the company that tries to keep up clean-cut image that Walt demanded when he opened Disneyland in 1955. The rules still forbid visible tattoos, body piercings (other than the ears for women), "extreme" hairstyles or colors. (Shaved heads are OK for men, but a no-go for women.)

There's more....Disney also made another big change to its policy: Casual Fridays. While many businesses have had this policy for years, Disney now will allow it for employees who work in non-costumed jobs and don't interact with theme park visitors to dress down once a week.

Why the changes? Disney says it periodically updates its strict appearance policies and wants to stay current. The last time it made a major change was two years ago when it finally allowed female workers to forego wearing panty hose when wearing skirts -- that was met with cheer from uncomfortable Florida workers.

So, I'm wondering what dress code policies you would like to see change at your workplaces? Do you have casual Friday and hate it because people get too sloppy? Would you like to see suits eliminated? Do you think short skirts should be banned?

Also, if your company has made a change, how has it worked out? Any advice for these Disney employees who now get to dress down on Fridays?



This guy can now have a beard, if he wants one!