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Use Superbowl to your advantage in the workplace


Get ready for a week of Superbowl talk -- and stories about how it affects productivity. Already, I heard co-workers in one workplace talking about who is hosting the party and what they are bringing to snack on. This may be one of the most unproductive weeks of the year, what with millions of employees setting up betting pools, checking sports websites more often than usual and planning Super Bowl parties from work.

Don't overlook this amazing opportunity! 

This is THE perfect way to build relationships with co-workers and the boss. The Superbowl is a conversation starter -- people love to talk sports, make bets, swap recipes, host parties and discuss the commercials. Even if you don't follow sports, this is your chance to initiate banter with someone you've been trying to schmooze -- a supervisor, a potential client, a possible workplace friend.

Conversation around non-work topics makes you appear more personable. And, when people like you, they cut you small breaks -- it's just reality.

Challenger, Gray & Christmas survey says 111 million Americans watched the game last year and that employees have a real problem getting anything done the day after. In fact, 22% of employees say that the Monday following the Super Bowl is commonly a less productive day than usual.Glassdoor reports 20% of employees say that morale is typically better in the office the day after the Super Bowl. (I see opportunity!) 

So whether or not you like sports, you might want to read up on what commercials will be aired, what the odds are, what drink recipes are hot and what the half time show will be . Make sure you're a part of the excitement in your workplace surrounding the big game. Most importantly, watch the game and look at it as your chance at a workplace win.

What's going on in your workplace? Have you already started using the Superbowl excitement to make yourself more a part of the office team?


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Great text

Justian Bet

I couldn't agree more :)

Superbowl is a great way opportunity to get to know each other on a more personal plan.

Thumps up for the out of the box thinking :)

Cindy Goodman


I hope you did your schmoozing this week!


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Cindy Goodman


It is true that working from home is wonderful. But it's not possible for everyone. I wish more employers gave workers that option.


I with you completely agree, it's (working from home) not possible for everyone.

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