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Some Oscar winners know the secret to work life balance

Academy awardsThe gowns, the glamour, the speeches and the gold statute -- it all seems so alluring. Whenever I watch the Academy Awards, my life seems so boring. These actors and actresses make big bucks and do what they love for a living.

At least, that's what we believe when we see them all dressed up on the red carpet. I tell myself that it's their job to look good, to go to the spa and get facials, to have personal trainers. The big stars have teams of people they pay to take care of the mundane chores that the rest of us must fit into our balancing act. That's how they manage some semblence of work life balance.

For most movie actors, life is not simple. They work like heck for a few months, spending little to no time with their spouses and family. And then, they have lots of time off to catch up. They go from one extreme to the next. Several movie star couples have worked out an arrangement where one takes on a movie while the other is home, and then the other gets his or her turn to work.

With movie stars, there is also the issue of job stability. Of course, an academy award guarantees an actorStatue more work will come his or her way. But others have to wonder where their next paycheck will come from.

So, I'm wondering, does this career and work schedule sound appealing (take into account it usually comes with a fat paycheck)? If you were offered a job where you were away from your family for months at a time and home for months at a time, would you take it?