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How Daylight Savings Can Improve Work Life Balance

(This is not me, but a girl can dream!)


I have always been proud of the fact that I'm not a total workaholic, but  as a writer and entrepreneur who loves what I do for a living, it can be hard to it shut work off. A good story idea will pop in my mind at all hours. Increasingly, the lines between work and life are blurred.

Daylight savings time can complicate work life balance. It's light out later so it takes that extra push to turn off my laptop and give myself permission to call it a night. But the time change actually can help your work life balance if you use it to your advantage. 

Inspired by the women at braidcreative.com and this great photo of theirs below, I've piggybacked on their lists ....I know I'm balanced when and I know I'off balance when...



Signs that I"m doing a good job of juggling:

1.When I can fit in exercise.  I love to jog and now that it's light out later, this should make jogging at night easier -- if I don't overextend myself and power down at a reasonable hour.

2. When I sit at dinner with my kids and I'm not thinking about work. There’s nothing like being in the present and really listening to your kids talk about their day.

3. When I have time to indulge in favorite TV show marathon - I consider it pure indulgence to watch three episodes in a row of a show I want to catch up on.

4. When I get a full 8 hours of sleep - The flip side of staying light later is that it's been darker in the mornings. A good night sleep means waking up feeling refreshed.

5. When I'm successful delegating - I usually pack  my kids lunches  but doing it at midnight is downright crazy. I've consider myself successful when I get my kids to help without threatening their lives.

These are the signs when the scales are tipped or I'm on the brink of a work/life meltdown

1. When every conversation at home makes me think of something I need to get done at work.

2. When the signs are obvious.My nails are bitten, my legs unshaved, my head pounding and I still hear myself saying yes to an editor.

3. When my kids text or call me from their bedrooms. This is a sad ploy to lure me out of my home office.

4. When I forget to eat. Sometimes, I just have too much on my work plate to think about making a lunch plate. It will be 3 p.m. and my stomach is growling, I have a headache and my stress level is through the roof. Not good.

5.  When my to do list runs onto a second page. I find that when I’m out of writing too much down, I've probably over-committed.

When do  you feel overextended or on the verge of a work life meltdown? Have you figured out your warning signs?